A Day at Fisher’s Eco Farm, Cavite

I know it’s the rainy season and not usually the time for some family outing. But being a work-at-home-mom and home all the time, I need to go out from time to time for a change of scenery and for a breath of fresh air. I wanted to go to a nature place that’s just nearby. I found a few blogs on Fisher’s Eco Farm which is just a 30-minute drive from Las Piñas.

The entrance was P100 for adults and P70 for kids below 12 years old. They had small cottages for rent at P300 and the bigger ones for P500.

Upon arrival, you’d see the garden which was pretty nice with all the greenery and blooms.

image    DSC_2520

The two-story hut right at the entrance.


One of the things that I liked about the place was the fact that I could stroll around it a bit and not be stuck in the hut or pool which is the typical thing that happens when you go to resorts.




They also offer fishing. The fishing charge is P150/kilo of fish that you catch, but if you don’t get lucky, you don’t have to pay anything.


This is the 500-square meter pool area. The water was a bit cold since it’s the rainy season, but tolerable though. The pool was very clean and the kids really enjoyed as much  as I did.


The upper part of the pool are with smaller kiddie-type pools and two slides. This is where we stayed and had fun with the slides.



We brought in our own food and drinks plus some pork liempo for grilling and they provided us the griller. The staff was nice and accommodating to our queries and needs. It was really an enjoyable stay for the day and we definitely have plans of going back.

How to get there: The route we used from Google map was via Daang Hari Road, Muntinlupa then turn left at Anabu Street (just before you reach Aguinaldo highway) for a stretch of approximately 4 kms. Look out for the sign “Fisher’s Eco Farm Resort” situated at the right side of the road and then turn right to a small, short dirt road leading to the resort. Total distance was roughly 19 kms.


A Mom’s Road Trip to Daranak Falls on an Impulse

After finding out that there was no daily load of work, I sat in thought thinking about what to do for the rest of day. Rain has been falling more often these past weeks, a sign that summer is almost over. This day though seemed to be a sunny one so might as well take advantage of the good weather. Another road trip would be nice before vacation ends with the intention of course of shooting nature images. I thought of the fish pens in Laguna de Bay, along the C6 highway in Taguig via Bicutan, would be a nice route to travel. I told hubby before he left for work that since I didn’t have work that day, I’ll be taking the kids out for for a road trip along this route.

I googled more to find out what other places could be seen and all were directed towards Rizal. Finally, I read about the blogs on Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls in Tanay. On google map, it says it’s just about 1.5 hours away, but I knew that wasn’t accurate. Still, adding another hour to the journey wasn’t such a bad idea. But I knew that if I’d call hubby and tell him where we were heading, his answer would be a big, fat NO. I just comforted myself with the fact that I did tell him that we were going to see the fish pens along C6, which was partially true. I will have to bear the consequence of his wrath when we get home. But for now, on with the adventure 🙂

The roads to Tanay were good with a lot of trees along the highway and the view was really nice especially along the winding roads. My daughter said that the mountains of Tanay looked similar to the pictures of the mountains in Europe. It was really scenic. There were roads that were quite steep but my lil’ ‘ol 96 hatchback didn’t fail me.


The bridge leading to Daranak Falls

We finally arrived at Daranak Falls at 12pm after 2.5 hours. We decided to eat our packed lunch in the parking area so that we didn’t have to bring too much stuff up the stairs. The entrance fee was only P20 per adult and P15 for kids while the table costs 150, the picnic hut was P300.

Daranak Falls was really beautiful and there were numerous shallow plunge pools and little streams stemming from the falls. The water wasn’t cold at all which made it perfect.
IMG_3231  u

We stayed in the lower part where it was shallow so it would be safer for the kids. This is the area where you’d see the hundreds of rock balancing formations. The kids really enjoyed the pool basins in the river doing their own rock balancing, even my 4-year-old was able to make his own tiny tower.


The stones here are perfect for rock balancing…we tried doing our own and it was fun!


My little having a swell time

While the kids were enjoying their dip, I went around to take some photos. There was a 5-minute trail up which led to another waterfall, Batlag Falls, with an entrance fee of P100. This is the place where Enteng Kabisote/Okay ka Fairy ko where done. It was also nice though smaller.


Leading to Batlag Falls

IMG_3253.CR2  IMG_3260.CR2

The kids and I really enjoyed a lot. It was both bonding time and a nice adventure all together. The bonus part is I only spent P400 for the entrance fee, table, sari-sari store plus gas and toll on this little adventure trip of ours planned on an impulse.


Hubby got home ahead of us and was silently mad at me. I apologized. I knew I deserved this treatment but it’s okay because it was all worth it 🙂 He used my car the following day and left it at the repair shop to have the air con “checked” and left me without a car for a week. Talk about coincidence and punishment.